Towcestrians Covid Procedures – Update

Towcestrians Sports Club Covid-19 Bar & Beer Garden Operating Procedures

Effective Date: 24th September 2020

The following guidelines are to be followed at all times:

General Rules

  • Access to the club for the gym and for the pre-booked Physio and Chiropody services will be by the front doors. 
  • The door is to be locked at all times and clients will be allowed/let in by a representative of their chosen service. 
  • Upon Entry they will be asked to sanitise. 
  • Responsibility for track and trace for these clients rests with the individual services. 
  • The club will be opened to the public at 10 am and closed at 10pm.
  • Access to the club house will be restricted to just one entrance, the side doors adjacent to the toilets. 
  • Signs will be placed on the doors instructing people that “It is the Law” that they provide their details when entering the venue for whatever reason, even if it is only to use the toilet.
  • A Sanitiser stations will be placed at the entrance to the venue, in the beer garden, outside the toilets and at the exit 
  • We are required to record the contact details of everyone who enters the club house, even to use the toilet or the beer garden this is a legal requirement. 
  • The club house will operate a one way system for entry and exit. 


  • All bar staff to ask everyone they serve if they have signed the book, anyone who refuses to sign will be asked to leave and WILL NOT be served
  • Acrylic screens are being installed at the bar to provide added protection to bar staff
  • All staff are required to wear face masks at all times
  • All glasses are to be plastic and to be replaced by users in the glass collecting trays reducing the amount of physical contact with glasses by our staff. Glass collecting trays will be walked around the venue on a regular basis by bar staff to avoid customers wandering around the venue. 
  • The perimeter fencing to be kept in place at all times. 
  • NO STANDING DRINKING IS ALLOWED. Customers must be seated at all times
  • There is NO BAR SERVICE waitress service only
  • Using the clubs mobile phone only texted orders will be taken and served to the table where payment will be made by card. 
  • When the beer garden or the main bar area is full, its full, standing to drink in the club house or in the bar area is not allowed.
  • If anyone, inside or out, fails to abide by the social distancing rules then they should be asked to leave and refused service

 Beer Garden

Tables of six only, it is against the law to meet people you do not live with in a group larger than 6. So our tables must only be for 6 people.


We can only have the number of tables that allow us to operate within social distancing guidelines. That means that each table must be a minimum of 2 meters apart. 

There must be sufficient space to ensure persons can pass safely between tables without being closer than 1 meter

Table bookings of more than six will not be allowed inside or out. 

If it rains outside then we can not allow additional people in until tables become available. 

When a table is vacated it MUST BE cleaned down and sanitised before someone else uses it. 

Closing time will be at the Bar supervisor’s discretion but no later that 10pm and providing sufficient time to clean down all surfaces and tables in line with cleaning requirements. 


  • These will be cleaned every morning, as we are open every day now, by the cleaners and will need to be wiped down by a member of our staff with sanitiser wipes at least every 2 hours. 
  • Anyone using the toilets must enter via the front door and sign in and leave via the side door
  • Sanitiser and antibacterial soap must be available in all toilets


  • We are able to sell food but this must be prepared on our premises by someone using plastic gloves
  • It must be handed to the recipient fully completed. That means all condiments, sauces and salads must be already added. 
  • Customers CAN NOT use communal sauces and condiments. 


  • The safety of our staff and customers is our number one concern
  • Staff are requested to wash their hands regularly
  • Staff should be offered plastic gloves and face masks, face masks compulsory for bar staff.