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Below is a link to the England Hockey Participation Agreement that ALL players MUST complete prior to the resumption of competitive hockey and training. A record will be kept by England Hockey and if you are not on the list you will not be allowed to play. It’s very quick and easy to fill in and submit. Please do this straight away. If you forget and are not on the Towcester Hockey Club record we will have to turn you away from training.–asEa8eSc6g-NqKCAUipGoe_luyiEaiZUMlE4NUVKRDZENzJGNUtNVEE5NVlXME9ETC4u&fbclid=IwAR1QSCKLMYsSd2KTfWzULxjUlb-mF2JKLGHnV-4DoFVjXwHZBOP60dUQqts