Club aims, 5th Team and 3s/4s/5s Training

You will all be aware of the increase in numbers at training and available for weekend matches. The interest generated by the new pitch and the lack of school Saturday fixtures has lead to an unprecedented number of players at the club.

This is a fabulous position to be in but presents some selection headaches for the coaches. We have decided to create a 5th team and already have a significant number of fixtures confirmed for them! These are obviously friendly fixtures as it is too late to enter the league this season. This means that anyone can play in the 5s to make up numbers if short of players any weekend as there are no league rules to abide by.

Because of the numbers and Covid restrictions we have too many at training on a Thursday night. In order for every one to get satisfactory training on a full pitch, we are considering splitting training over 2 nights from Christmas. Junior training will stay on a Thursday night, followed by 1s and 2s. We are proposing to move 3s, 4s and 5s to Wednesday nights. 4/5s 6.30 – 8.00pm, 3s 7.00 – 8.30pm.

Please can you consider this when planning your schedules from January 2021.Our aims for the club this season are for the 1s and 2s to hold their position in their respective Midlands Leagues, the 3s to get promoted to Northants league Division 1 and then next season to have 4s and 5s in Northants Division 2Onwards and upwards!

Please feel free to talk to your captains, or coaches if you have any concerns or comments.

Thank you