Captains and Coaches Meeting – December 2019 Statement

As is normal at this time of the season, there was a captains and coaches meeting last week to discuss teams, training and communication going into the second half of the season.

As a club with 4 senior teams, our aim is for everyone to fulfil their playing potential and to enjoy their hockey. We are in a very fortunate position to have so many keen and talented players of all ages turning out on Thursday nights and Saturdays to train and play. On the match days when everyone is available this sometimes means that players are asked to play in a different team to their preferred one. We hope and expect that anyone, if asked to do so and available, will willingly play for any team.

As a general rule you will be expected to train with the team you are playing in that weekend for most of the session. Anyone with aspirations to train with a higher squad will be given opportunities to do whenever possible as long it is not detrimental to the lower squad’s training session. For these players the training session may be split between the 2 squads. The coaches will inform those wishing to train ‘up’ in advance who they should train with and for how much of the session.

Selection is based on ability, attitude, commitment, training attendance and availability. Attitude and commitment is equally important at training as in matches.

Tristan will shortly be asking everyone to complete the doodle availability chart for the second half of the season. Please ensure you do this otherwise you will NOT be selected. With so many players in each squad it is difficult enough for the coaches and captains to make selection decisions. If they’re not sure about some players because they haven’t completed the form it adds unnecessary work for them and delays the time teams can be announced, which has a knock on effect through the teams.

It is understood that not everyone can always know their availability for every date but there is provision for ‘maybe’ on the form if you’re really not sure. However if the ‘maybe’ becomes a ‘yes’ you must let the coach or captain know otherwise it will be assumed you cannot play. We will also be asking you to indicate your availability for the whole day (am, pm, both) in case you are asked to play in a different team to normal.

If anyone, players or parents, would like to discuss any of this, or anything to do with how the club is run, please speak to any of the coaches, captains or me. We are all very approachable and above all want happy, motivated and satisfied club members. We’ve had a great season so far. Have a great Christmas everyone and come back raring to go in January.

Issy McMillan

Club Chair